Let's Chillaborate!

Chill Labs is a boutique consultancy helping companies think strategically, solve business problems, and streamline operations.

Dina Levitan is the Founder & Principal at Chill Labs and is based out of Seattle, WA.



Chill Labs jumps into the company ecosystem and immediately identifies ways to move the business forward and realize their goals.

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Chill Labs presents trainings, workshops, and webinars. Check out a recent webinar presented with our colleagues at H2R Product Science on Continuous Product Discovery in B2B.

“Our experience with Chill Labs was driven and actualized by their work ethic: Coherent, Congenial & Collaborative. We were impressed by their ability to ingest a daunting amount of material in short order, and provide a well informed perspective, that helped forward the stated goal in both a precise and concise manner.”
- Dr. Ella Belzberg Thompson, CEO & Co-Founder, Parlay Network


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